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I write a monthly column over at www.asliceoforange.net, where several authors who came together through our Orange County Chapter of RWA (and now live around the country) write about books, writing and anything in between**.  You can take a peek at my posts there by clicking on this link, which takes you to all my archived posts.



Or if you would like to check out a specific post, here are the individual links:

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October 2017 – Am I Really that Shallow?

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August 2017 – My 3 Favorite Apps To Use for Marketing

July 2017 – What Do You Do At A Writing Conference?

June 2017 – Let Me Tell You Something

April 2017 – Celebrating Where I Am

February 2015 – How Choreographing A Musical Led Me To Writing A Novel

**Note-If you explore other posts, not all authors who write on this blog write sweet or Christian fiction