Manuscript Final Pass for Authors

Manuscript Final Pass for Authors

Give your manuscript one last read-through to ensure there are no:

  • Technical errors
  • Misspelled or double words
  • Punctuation errors
  • Name swaps (he when it’s supposed to be she)
  • Timeline anomalies

The Process:

I will put on my reader hat and immerse myself into your manuscript, relishing in the details until I notice something that takes me out of the story experience.  I will create comments within your Microsoft Word document whenever those stops occur, allowing you the option to make a change or keep it as is. 

About Denise:

As Denise endeavors to fine-tune her novel writing skills, she has found her twenty plus years of marketing experience cross over into her new writing world and wants to put her proofreading skills to work.  Her background includes marketing services, trade marketing and product marketing where she crafted marketing materials as well as proofread several catalogs full of hundreds of products each year.  This attention to detail allows her to catch those small errors which seem to stand out only once the final printing is complete.


Manuscript Final Pass Rates:

Currently I’m offering a low introductory rate for all new clients at .002 cents per word reading fee, plus $1.00 per error found, along with permission to post book cover once job is complete.

So for instance a 40,000 word ms would be $80 for me to read it.  Any error I find would be an additional $1 per error.

To help you create your best work possible, if I find your manuscript has more than ten (10) errors per every 10,000 words, I’ll return your document for you to edit further and we can start over from the beginning again when you resubmit.


  • For manuscripts over 40,000 words – Two-week turnaround
  • For manuscripts under 40,000 words – One-week turnaround

Turnaround begins once 1/2 reading fee payment is received via paypal.  The other 1/2 reading fee plus any error fee is payable when work is complete.

Rush Service:

For rush service add an additional .002 per word

  • For manuscripts over 40,000 words – One-week turnaround
  • For manuscripts under 40,000 words – Three days turnaround

Please email me with any questions or to schedule your Manuscript Final Pass at  

How do you know your book is ready for the final pass?

As I’ve been learning myself, there are many layers to editing and proofreading:

  • Content Editing – Flushing out the plot and story.
  • Line Editing/Copy Editing – Cleaning up the phrasing, wording.
  • Proofreading – Another pass to make sure all the line editing makes sense and to catch spelling, punctuation and other errors.
  • Final Pass – This is one final pass on your manuscript before you hit send.  Another pair of eyes to catch what has been missed before.  This is the service that I’m providing.

No one person will catch every mistake during each pass, so don’t expect them to.  Everything is a process.  When I proofed catalogs, I went through everything three times – flow (took out deletes, rearranged and added new), then corrected copy and line listings, then checked for pricing).  Each time I found something I missed before.  This is why it’s important to take the time and go through the different phases.  I want your book to be the best it can be.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Email me at

Blessings, Denise