Best-laid Plans Series

How can one little schoolhouse cause so many plans to go amiss? In the Best-laid Plans series, my heroines all have their reasons to head west and become teachers. Their original plans, however, change when they learn that God is ultimately in control and His plans unfold in ways they never could have imagined.

Three young women arrive in Sacramento, California to teach in one-room schoolhouses in the surrounding rural communities. Their original plans change when God’s plans unfold in ways they never could imagine. Some of which include learning a thing or two about friendship, dependance on God, and the most wonderful gift of all—love. Not at all what they are looking for, but everything they need.

The first novel, When Plans Go Awry is set in 1869 Sacramento, California

How did the ‘Best-laid Plans’ series come to be?

I love history, especially old schoolhouses and the era they represent. It was while visiting an old schoolhouse in Sacramento that the spark for my first story came to be.

Sacramento, CA One-Room Schoolhouse original inspiration for my story Denise M. Colby My inspiration! One-room schoolhouse in Old Town Sacramento, CA

Oh, to be a teacher in the 1860s!

The specific rules schoolteachers had to follow – different if you were male or female – and the list of punishments for different infractions such as ‘for waring long finger nails’ are fascinating. I was hooked and my curiosity got the better of me. 

I wanted to write all about it.

Research for Best-laid Plans

In my research I found an organization called the American Women’s Educational Association founded by Catharine Beecher in 1852. Their goal was to recruit and train teachers to teach in frontier schools, sending women West to “civilize the young.”

She was quoted as saying “Woman’s great mission is to train immature, weak and ignorant creatures to obey the laws of God; the physical, the intellectual, the social, and the moral.” Apparently hundreds of the best teachers that came West had gone through her system.  Miss Beecher’s plans succeeded, but women’s teaching careers were mostly short, for they soon married. 

Which is where my series I originally called “Going West” came to be.

Five different women go through Miss Beecher’s school together, travel to Sacramento, California, and are assigned to different towns in the area to teach. Of course they all have pre-made plans that will, of course, change during their journey. Which is why this series is aptly titled “Best-laid Plans” series.

Washton has a difficult time holding onto a female schoolteacher. The first teacher was swept off her feet before she even set foot in the schoolhouse.

With the ratio of men to women quite unbalanced, Mayor Martin has his work cut out for him to hire a female teacher.

So when debutante Olivia Carmichael arrived stating she had no intention of every marrying, Mayor Martin breathed a sigh of relief. 

Denise M. Colby writes Fiction Story about Schoolteacher in Sacramento, CA in 1869

Little did Olivia know that the little town of Washton, California would teach her a thing or two about friendship, depending on God, and of course, love. Not at all what she was looking for, but everything she needed.

I can’t wait for you to meet Luke, Olivia, Rose and Caroline, a rooster named Bert, and all the other folks who live in Washton, CA.