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Check out my monthly posts over at A Slice of Orange, a blog on writing and books

I contribute to a monthly blog over at www.asliceoforange.net, a blog on writing and books, shared by multiple authors, each posting on the same day each month (my day is the 12th).

We all write about writing, books, and anything in between**.

It’s called A Slice of Orange because it began with several authors from our Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America (and branched off by itself now that many live around the country). You can take a peek at whatever the day’s post is here, or find all my posts by going to my archived posts.

Or if you would like to check out a specific post, here are the individual links:

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In June 2019 I was selected as Author of the Month

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December 2018 – My Year to Be Steadfast

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August 2018 – Part 3: Increase SEO With Photo Image Caption In Your Posts

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June 2018 – Part 2: Maximize Your Website SEO With Image File Names

May 2018 – What is ALT Text and How To Use It

April 2018 – The Purpose of Words

March 2018 – Different Forms of Storytelling

February 2018 – Dating Lessons From Wall-E

January 2018 – New Year, New Word

December 2017 – The First

November 2017 – The Loss for Words

October 2017 – Am I Really that Shallow?

September 2017 – Face Your F.E.A.R.

August 2017 – My 3 Favorite Apps To Use for Marketing

July 2017 – What Do You Do At A Writing Conference?

June 2017 – Let Me Tell You Something

April 2017 – Celebrating Where I Am

February 2015 – How Choreographing A Musical Led Me To Writing A Novel

**Note-Not all authors who write on this blog write sweet or Christian fiction

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