Focus Word For the Year

Every year I select a word for the year to focus on. It’s one of my favorite new year traditions. All throughout the year I post quotes on my social media, take pictures wherever I find my word, and write lessons learned about my word in a journal. I also create a one-page sheet with favorite quotes, synonyms, and what my goals are in relation to my word and post that by my desk.

Blog header left side words say The Wisdom of Selecting a New Focus Word for the Year and right side stack of rocks balancing on each other with words on each rock
Part of the list of words I’ve chosen starting from the bottom.
I’ve found each word for the year builds on the other.

It’s amazing how one word can communicate so much. My word fits exactly where I am both in my personal and professional life and I love to explore the word in depth, as well as find verses and quotes to encourage me throughout the year.

I have also found, now that I’ve done this for several years, that each word builds on one another. Sort of like an onion has many layers, we have many layers. And each layer is a word.

Choosing a focus word takes time.

I make a list, pray about it, and mull it over to see which ones I’m continuously drawn to. Other years, the word has popped up and surprised me and no other word would take its place. I always look up bible verses to see if there’s one that would be my verse for the year. And I usually wait till the very end of the year before I firmly say, this is the word.

I love to talk about my focus word for the year.

I do love to get into conversations with others about their focus word. There are so many choices out there, I find it amazing the wide variety of words people choose. For instance, I know someone who chose growth one year, while my focus word for 2024 is grow. Both mean the same. And neither is better than the other. It’s just a personal preference which tense you decide to use. That’s part of the beauty of this entire exercise. It can become very personal.

Sharing my focus words with others

One thing I am finding myself passionate about is sharing information about the words I’ve chosen with others. So I’m creating summary pages for each word I’ve used. If the word has a link to it, then the page is live. I hope you find these pages informational and helpful.

And I hope you will consider choosing a focus word for the year in your future.

2024 – Grow

2023 – Change

2022 – Work

2021 – Wisdom

2020 – Courage

2019 – Perseverance

2018 – Steadfast

2017 – Strength

2016 – Believe

2015 – Hope