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First Line Fridays – 4.27.18

It’s First Line Friday time.  I’ve been off the grid a bit over the past month with a musical I was assistant directing, spring break college hunting for my son and several family birthdays.  Now I’m back and I have a new batch of First Line’s to share.  I recently went through my plethora of books I stored under my bed (it was like finding treasure!) and found several I plan to share over the next few weeks.

So here’s the book I selected for todays First Line:

Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio by Lisa Harris

Love finds you in revenge, ohio by Lisa Harris Christian romance fiction

I have read several from this line and being the history/geography lover that I am, have found these real town names and fiction stories fun.

So here’s the first line.  Drumroll please…….

Revenge, Ohio, 1884

The only thing worse than being a spinster is being a twice-jilted spinster.

In return, I hope you will share the first line from any book you choose in the comments below.  And then head on over to:

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7 thoughts on “First Line Fridays – 4.27.18”

  1. Happy Friday! My first line is from Miss Wilton’s Waltz by Josi S. Kilpack, which will be released May 1st:

    “As a vicar’s daughter, Lenora knew that doing the right thing was not always easy, in fact it was rarely so.”

  2. I’ve read several of Lisa Harris’s newer novels, but not this one. She’s an excellent writer!

    Over on my blog I’m sharing from Where Hope Begins by Catherine West … which I finished about four hours after starting it.

    I’m now reading A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden. Here’s the first line of the Prologue:

    “You and your brother are to go to the music room, close the door, and don’t come out until I say you can.”

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am curious about the history behind a town name like “Revenge”!

    I am currently reading With You Always by Jody Hedlund and the first line is:

    Elise Neumann stared out the cracked third-story window to the muddy street below, watching the omnibuses and carriages slog their way through the muck.

    I’m only a handful of chapters in, but it has been very difficult to put down. A very compelling read so far!

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