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For the Love of Bookmarks!

Photo of a small sample of Denise M. Colby's bookmark collection
Some of my favorite bookmarks include: one I received from my Sunday School Teachers in 6th grade,
one made by one of my sons, one of my husband and I at a friends wedding, one from my sister,
one I made from our Beauty & the Beast show, and a few given to me by friends

I have a love of bookmarks!

There, I said it! I love bookmarks!

I sure have quite the eclectic collection of bookmarks, so I thought it would be fun to write about them.

I’m not sure exactly when I got my first bookmark, but I know I received a few as a kid, one in particular from my sunday school teachers (I think I was in 6th grade) They signed the back of it with a lovely message and the front of it reads “Remind me, Lord, that nothing’s going to happen to me today that you & I together can’t handle.”

It’s still one of my favorites, and I’ve kept it all this time. Not just because I like the graphics, but because of who gave it to me and the personalized message on the back of it. 

back of bookmark showing a personalized message from 1981
Personalizing a bookmark can make a lasting gift. This one is over thirty years old.

Some of my bookmarks are in books I haven’t picked up in a long time. It’s a pleasant surprise to find a book tucked away on a shelf and open it up and find bookmarks I’d forgotten about. Especially ones from my mom.

Each bookmark reminds me of someone or some event and they hold a special spot in a book that I wanted to remember (My Bible has so many bookmarks in it).

Photograph of bookmarks by Denise M. Colby used in social media post
Click on this photo to take you to a reader discussion on bookmarks I led on a FB takeover event

It seems I’ve become a collector of bookmarks through the years. Now I’ve become a bit more purposeful about it.

Four years ago, I was traveling with my then 8th grade son (the middle one) with his 8th grade class to Washington D.C. and New York. We were stopping at so many places, I wanted to have something from each place but didn’t want to spend a fortune. I have no reason to collect matches, and decks of cards is what my husband and I have collected together since we were married (and we weren’t on this trip together), so I wanted to find something else. 

Our first stop was at Gettysberg and they had one I liked so I purchased it. Then we went to the next stop in DC and I found another one. At stop number three all there really was was a bookmark and I liked it, so I bought it. Then at the next stop, there were bookmarks being given for free. And on and on. Maybe around stop four or five, I realized I had a thing going and became more purposeful in searching for bookmarks.

I was pretty much able to find bookmarks at every stop. Something small and inexpensive to collect on the trip. It was perfect. When I got home, I had collected so many unique and different ones and they all held meaningful memories – both for the place itself and the memory in purchasing the bookmark. I got pretty excited towards the end of the trip when I would find yet another one so I could complete my set.

Photo of Bookmarks collected by Denise M. Colby on her DC/NY Trip in 2015
I took all the bookmarks I collected on the DC/NY trip and entered them into the fair in the Collections category.

Throughout the years I’ve received special bookmarks from friends and family, along with custom photo bookmarks from weddings and events.

There really is quite a variety of types of bookmarks in my collection.

When I began this writing journey, I ended up with quite a few bookmarks from authors I met at different meetings, so I have a group of those too.

stack of bookmarks by authors I've met
Stack of bookmarks by authors I’ve met.

When my mom passed away last year and I wanted to have something people could take home with them. I remember another friend having bookmarks at her mother’s funeral, so I decided to make one to give away at my mom’s service. I found a quote in my moms journal and was able to create this special keepsake.

Photo of Bookmark created by Denise M. Colby (front and back) Beverly Marsh Memorial Service
This is the bookmark I designed for my mom’s memorial service.

I know I have way too many bookmarks, but it’s fun to switch them out and they are small enough they don’t take up a ton of room. I wonder what bookmark I will at to my collection next?

Do you have a favorite bookmark?

I would love to hear about your favorites! Share in the comments below.

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