First Line Fridays

First Line Fridays – 3.2.18

It’s First Line Friday time.  Here’s the book I selected for todays First Line.  It’s in my TBR pile:

Bandolero by Nancy J. Farrier historical romanceBandolero by Nancy J. Farrier

Land of Promise, Book 1

Nancy is a friend of mine that I met through two different writing groups**.  This is her first Indie book, although she has several others out either in collections or as stand alone.

Here’s the book blurb:

She’s been rejected and betrayed. 
He sacrificed all to seek revenge. 
Can they find they trust God as time runs out?

Alta California 1830’s
Yoana Armenta knows she is doomed to a miserable existence after her betrothal is broken. But when her reckless behavior results in her and her Tía being captured by bandoleros, Yoana fears her impulsive nature may cause irreparable disaster. 

Amado Castro gave a death bed promise that he intends to keep – at all costs. When that means endangering Yoana’s life, he struggles with the decision to honor his word, or to protect Yoana, whom he has come to care for more than he could have imagined. 

Now as the women face a fate worse than death, Amado and Yoana both have choices to make. Will they each be willing to surrender self, and trust God, even if that means the worst could happen?

So here’s the first line.  Drumroll please…….

Alta California–1830’s

Billowing sheets of gray congregated overhead. A few rays of sun stabbed through the mass to brush pale fingers across Yoana’s face. Fingers too weak to warm her chilled heart.

In return, I hope you will share the first line from any book you choose in the comments below.  And then head on over to:

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**One of the writing groups is the Faith, Hope and Love Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  You can follow our FHL chapter on Facebook or on Twitter and learn about other authors who write Inspirational and Sweet Romance Fiction, or check out the chapters website