My Very First Book Cover

Since my last post, I now have my very first book cover design completed, and I’ve created a book page on my website. This year everything is moving fast. And I’m loving every minute of it!

I was able to give a sneak peek to my newsletter subscribers before posting about it on Facebook and Instagram. But I also wanted to talk about my very first book cover here on my blog. It’s such a big moment for me, after years of wondering what my book cover would look like.

And now, here it is!

Historical Romance Book Cover with land, one-room schoolhouse, schoolmarm on cover with words When Plans Go Awry by Denise M. Colby which is a historical christian romance novel

There’s a one-room schoolhouse.

A river.

And Olivia, holding her journal.

My very first book cover!

I only get one time to say that it’s my first book cover, so it’s fun for me to state it. As I said earlier, I’m enjoying every minute of this new chapter in my writing journey.

It’s amazing how quickly this book cover came together. The overall design was complete within three to four days. Way shorter than what it took to write the story. I may never look at covers the same now that I understand how they are put together. Now the next part is the back and inside. I can’t wait to see everything in print.

My publisher, Scrivenings Press, has created a book page for When Plans go Awry. And just this week I was able to create a GoodReads book page as well, where you can add it to your ‘want to read’ list. And again I have my own dedicated book page on my website.

All of these pages are showing off my very first book cover. As well as a short description of the story. It feels very surreal!

Book Launch News

So as you can see, I have many exciting things to share here, and many more to come. If you are interested in joining my launch team, go to my launch team interest form sign-up. You will get to read the book before it launches, have a chance to win prizes, and help me launch When Plans Go Awry.

I would love it if you would join me. And I can’t wait for you to read all about Olivia, Luke, the town of Washton, and its wily rooster, Bert.

Would love to hear your thoughts....